Working at the Boundaries of Economics and Natural Science

About Our Work


We are driven by a vision of a world in which the integrity and resilience of natural systems are maintained through intentional action, where economic, political, and social incentives are aligned with environmental protection, and where the decisions of citizens and consumers are made with full awareness of their ecological impacts.

We use conservation science, economics, and innovative financing tools to further long-term, equitable economic development and sustainable land use practices.

Our work is dedicated to making the value of ecosystem services clear to the broader community – citizens, consumers, businesses, and public agencies, and then working with land stewards to restore or enhance the ecosystems that provide them.

Projects: Open Source Environmental Technology

Integrative Economics joined carbon removal experts, practitioners of regenerative land management, and blockchain technologists for the Reversapalooza 2018 gathering this April in Seattle. Kyle Birchard appeared on a panel discussing open source technologies used in environmental and ecological applications. We have been working to quantify the market for carbon storage and helping design a new platform to fund voluntary sequestration practices. Expect more news on this exciting effort in the summer of 2018.

Projects: Multi-Benefit Environmental Restoration

The Flood Control 2.0 project created tools to evaluate economic impacts of new flood risk management alternatives in the San Francisco Bay Area, evaluating tidal marsh restoration in highly urbanized watersheds. We helped estimate the value of restoration benefits, including recreational uses and the expansion of habitat for protected species.
Visit the Flood Control 2.0 Toolbox here.


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